Premier Payment Technology Co Ltd.


About us:

Premier Payment Technology Ltd (PPT) is offering innovative payment technology/ digital banking solutions for banks & financial institutions to leverage in  technology based products & services ranging from Electronic/ Digital Banking (Cards, ATMs, POS, e-payment gateway, Mobile & Internet Banking, Mobile Financial Services, QR payments, EMV Solutions, PCI DSS, Agent/ Branchless Banking etc) to Core Banking, ERP, Business process automation and many more in Myanmar.


PPT is representing industry leaders in the domain for distribution, sales, implementation and necessary after-sales services as required for Banking products services. The company expects to create a niche in the market based on demand of products & services. Our management expertise comprises of individuals with 15+ years of working experience in Banking & Digital Payment Domain & Information Technology. Also, the partners we represent are well known names in the payment industry globally, which has helped us achieve the milestone of our success. We specialize in Payment & Digital Banking domain for providing services in Technology, Operations outsourcing, Data Security, EMV, Business Process optimization & innovation.


We currently represent Industry leaders in Payment Domain like Smart Vista/ BPC Banking, CIM Italy, Trustwave USA, Payhuddle India, Futurex HSM (USA), Trust Banking System, India, F1 Soft International, Drose Tab Banking Solutions and many more..... 


We specialize in Electronic Payment & Digital Banking Technology.


                                   We specialize in Electronic Payments & Digital Banking Technology.